Slovenia Euro Coins

1 Euro = 239,640 Slovenian tolar

Slovenian euro coins were first issued for circulation on 1 January 2007 and feature a unique design for each coin.

The design of approximately 230 million Slovenian euro coins (total value of approximately €80 million) was unveiled on 7 October 2005.

The designers were Miljenko Licul, Maja Licul and Janez Boljka. The Mint of Finland was chosen to mint the coins through an international tender.

€ 0.01
Observe: A stork, a motif taken from the former 20 SIT coin
€ 0.02
Observe: The Prince's stone, where Karantanian dukes were installed
€ 0.05
Observe: Ivan Grohar's painting A Sower sowing stars
€ 0.10
Observe: Jože Plecnik's idea for the national parliament, with the inscription "Katedrala svobode" (Cathedral of freedom)
€ 0.20
Observe: A pair of Lipizzaner horses
€ 0.50
Observe: Triglav, constellation of Cancer.
€ 1
Observe: Primož Trubar, Slovenian Protestant reformer, and the inscription "Stati inu obstati" (to stand and withstand)
€ 2
Edge: The edge lettering features the words SLOVENIJA *
Observe: France Prešeren, Slovenian Romantic poet, and the first line of the 7th stanza of Zdravljica (Slovenian national anthem)

€ 2
Observe: 500th Birthday of Primož Trubar
Year: 2008
€ 2
Observe: 200th Anniversary of the Botanical Garden of Ljubljana
Year: 2010
€ 2
Observe: 100th anniversary of the birth of Franc Rozman
Year: 2011
€ 2
Observe: 800th Anniversary of the First Visit of the Postojna Cave
Year: 2013
€ 2
Observe: 600th Anniversary of the Coronation of Barbara of Cilli
Year: 2014
€ 2
Observe: 2000th Anniversary of the Founding of Emona
Year: 2015
€ 2
Observe: 25th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Slovenia
Year: 2016
€ 2
Observe: 10th anniversary of the introduction of the euro in Slovenia
Year: 2017

Source: European Central Bank and Wikipedia